HIST-103 Lecture Notes - Coal Strike Of 1902, Great White Fleet, Lincoln Steffens

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19 Mar 2014
Vice President when the century began, then William McKinley was assassinated he became President
Expanded the use of the Presidential Power
Presidents are to Execute congress's laws
"Father of Modern American Presidency "- Exercised the Presidential Power -
A Progressive
Liberal Republican
WWI, WWII, 1812, Mexican-American, Spanish-American
1898 - Hong Kong Post (Manila Harbor) - sank a Spanish Fleet
The USS Olympia, a flagship, Dewey was the Captain, in Philadelphia now
Ruff Riders:
Battle of San Juan Hill
Spain American War - 1898 (One of 5 major American wars, since the Constitution)
Running for re-election
Assassinated in 1901
Behind McKinley to make president
Mark Hanna
25th President: William McKinley -
Educated in Europe by private tutors & Harvard Graduate
Privileged youth - trying to overcome them / Wealthy man, he was upper-class
Overcome the sicken by getting stronger and active life "Strenuous life"
Sickly: made him want to be active
Wife: Alice Hathaway Lee: died after giving birth
He was joyful, war-like-spirit, good people skills
War Hero from Spanish-American War
He craved the office
Felt the US needed a good war to put it on the map
Steel Navy, Coal to fuel
Steel the new modern "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History"
Had to deal with business peoples like butches or liquor sellers
Machine politics: "Political Machine" : a number of people would run politics behind the scene
Politics were beneath "his class":
Went to the Wild West
Police Commissioner
Right before the Spanish-American War
He liked war
Assistant Sectary of the Navy
Made up of people throughout his life
Ruff Riders - Kernel
Early Life:
26th: Theodore Roosevelt - Republican - Bull Moose Party
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
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