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Community College of Philadelphia
HIST 103
Robert Reed

26th: Theodore Roosevelt - Republican - Bull Moose Party Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:42 PM Vice President when the century began, then William McKinley was assassinated he became President "Father of Modern American Presidency "- Exercised the Presidential Power - • Expanded the use of the Presidential Power • Presidents are to Execute congress's laws Liberal Republican • A Progressive 25th President: William McKinley - • Republican • Elected 1896 to 1901 • Spain American War - 1898 (One of 5 major American wars, since the Constitution)  WWI, WWII, 1812, Mexican-American, Spanish-American  1898 - Hong Kong Post (Manila Harbor) - sank a Spanish Fleet  The USS Olympia, a flagship, Dewey was the Captain, in Philadelphia now  Ruff Riders:  Battle of San Juan Hill • Running for re-election • Assassinated in 1901 Mark Hanna ○ Behind McKinley to make president Life: Early Life: Background Privileged youth - trying to overcome them / Wealthy man, he was upper-class ○ Educated in Europe by private tutors & Harvard Graduate Sickly: made him want to be active ○ Asthma ○ Overcome the sicken by getting stronger and active life "Strenuous life" Marriage: ○ Wife: Alice Hathaway Lee: died after giving birth He was joyful, war-like-spirit, good people skills War Hero from Spanish-American War He craved the office Felt the US needed a good war to put it on the map Steel the new modern "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History" ○ Steel Navy, Coal to fuel Politics were beneath "his class": ○ Had to deal with business peoples like butches or liquor sellers ○ Machine politics: "Political Machine" : a number of people would run politics behind the scene • Went to the Wild West • Police Commissioner • Assistant Sectary of the Navy ○ Right before the Spanish-American War ○ He liked war • Ruff Riders - Kernel Made up of people throughout his life ○ Made up of people throughout his life ○ RR made of Cowboys, Indians, ivy people & felons Political Career: • Ran for Governor of New York, won in 1900 ○ Recruited to run by  His war hero status to win the election  TR was to be used by the political party, but TR did not allow that ○ Maverick from the Republican party  Republican Party had him run ○ Modest social economic reforms  Met the opposition of Thomas C. Platt, the easy boss of the republicans • President: ○ Becomes the President after McKinley's assassination  Renamed "Executive Mansion" to "White House" □ 1815, after Mansion was burned down ○ Known as the "Trust Buster" (he thought they were anti-American) ○ Robert Barrens had more power than the Government  TR wanted corporations to follow government and play fairly  Seen as anti-American to be controlling businesses ○ Won his own election in 1904  Said he would not rerun in 1908 □ Help diminish a president's power Article 1, section 8: Section Power: • Congress makes Laws, • Reserved Clause: carry out necessary "Implied Powers Clause" Article 2: Powers of the Presidency • Commander and Chief: power over the military • TR believed, he could do anything he wanted if the constitution didn't outright say he couldn't Article 3: Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency: (1901 - 1909) • Square Deal: for the common man ○ The code name for Domestic policy ○ Square = fair for the working people  Politicians were bought by the super rich and their interest  Roosevelt was already wealthy, didn't need the money - old money  Didn't care to only worry about the rich • Bully Pulpit: ○ Bully = splendid, great ○ Executive Branch focuses on one person - The President :: SO  Taking his message out to the people, directly to the American people (A speech via technology at the time e.g. Obama on TV)  President is the one man to direct the political conversation away from Congress □ If congress is blocking the President, go to the people to pressure legislatures • Anthracite Coal Strike (1902, Pennsylvania) ○ TR's first time to flex is muscle  Recognized the p
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