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Trigger Points I: Head & Torso - Reference Guides

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ANAT - Anatomy

p erm ac ha rts MT Trigger Points I: Head & Torso 2nd EDITION Figure 1 Figure 1: 1 Serratus posterior superior 2 Latissimus dorsi Posterior View Anterior View 3 Multifidus (at L2) 4 Multifidus (at S1) 5 Scalene muscles 6 Subclavius 7 Serratus anterior 8 Rectus abdominis (upper) 9 Rectus abdominis (lower) Figure 2 1 Trapezius (#1) 5 2 Trapezius (#2) 6 3 Trapezius (#3) 4 Trapezius (#4) 1 5 Trapezius (#5) 6 Trapezius (#6) 7 Trapezius (#7) 8 Splenius cervicis (upper) 9 Splenius cervicis (lower) 2 7 •Myofascial trigger points 8 are hyper-irritable areas within muscle or fascia that refer pain to other areas in 3 predictable patterns •Knowing the referred pain patterns can be helpful, as it can assist in locating the origin of the pain and 4 relieving the pain by applying pressure to the trigger point 9 • Healthy muscle tissue does not contain trigger points • Myofascial pain can be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, fatigue, immobility or poor nutrition • In addition to pain, trigger points may cause dizziness, sweating, vasoconstriction, and muscle stiffness and weakness • When left untreated, a chain reaction Figure 2: may occur, in which Posterior View Sagittal View secondary (or satellite) trigger points develop in reference areas of chronically active trigger points and give rise to more pain • In these figures, the trigger points are represented by colored dots, with numbers used to identify their names • Each trigger point is color-coded to match its own area of symptom referral • The pain referral areas may 8 have both light and dark shades of the trigger point 2 7 9
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