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ANAT - Anatomy

p e rm a ch a rts MT LL yymphatic System 2nd EDITION Figure 1: Overview of Lymphatic System Figure 2: Lymphatic Capillary Figure 1: Overview of Lmphatic System 1 2 • The lymphatic systemis an extensivenetworkthroughout the body, and there are many more nodes and vessels than are on the organs and extremitieslarly 3 •Thegroupsofnodesrepresented on this chart are found in 1 consistent places in the body, but the exact number and 2 placement varies • The groups indicated here are thought to be 3 of greatest clinical importance 5 4 Direction of 1 Parotid nodes 6 lymph flow 2 Tonsil 7 3 Cervical nodes 8 5 Right lymphatic ducts 6 Subclavian (apical axillary) 9 n odes 4 7 Right upper quadrant (shaded area) Interstitial fluid entering 8 Thymus gland 10 lymphatic capillary 9 Central axillary nodes 10Subscapular nodes Figure 3: Cross Section of Lymph Node 11Thoracic duct 12Posterior mediastinal nodes 11 1 2 3 13Spleen 15Cisterna chylibital nodes 12 16Iliac nodes 17Superficial inguinal nodes 13 14 4 Figure 2: Lymphatic Capillary 15 14 lymphatic vessels is very similar to veins, except the lymphatic 13 vessels have more valves and are more permeable due to the 16 openings found between the thin endothelial cells 1 Closed valve 12 2 Open valve 3 Endothelial cell 17 4 Nucleus Figure 3: Cross Section of Lymph Node • Lymph nodes are found in 11 clusters along lymphatic vessels • Several afferent lymphatic 5 vessels carry lymph to a node, leaves it • Lymph flow is slowed as it travels through a node, 6 allowing time for cells to 10 phagocytose microorganisms 9 • Lymph nodes are also the site Figure 4: Thymus Gland 7 of maturation for some 8 lymphocytes and monocytes 5 6 7 1 Afferent lymphatic vessels 4 4 2 Trabeculae 3 Capsule 3 3 4 Medullary cords 6 Valve 2 6 7 Efferent lymphatic vessel
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