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ANAT - Anatomy
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permacharts MT MMedical Abbreviations 2nd EDITION A – D A C AAA abdominal aortic AML Acute Myelogenous CABG coronary artery bypass CMV Cytomegalovirus aneurysm Leukemia graft CN cranial nerve Ab antibody ANA antinuclear antibody CAD Coronary Artery Disease CNS central nervous system ABC airway, breathing, ANC absolute neutrophil CAT, CT computerized axial CO Carbon Monoxide / circulation count tomography cardiac output ABG arterial blood gas ANCA antineutrophil CBC complete blood count C/O, c/o complains of Abx antibiotic cytoplasmic antibody CBD common bile duct COPD Chronic Obstructive ACE Angiotensin- ANS autonomic nervous CBG capillary blood gas Pulmonary Disease system Converting Enzyme CBW chemical and biological CP Cerebral Palsy / chest ACLS advanced cardiac life AR aortic regurgitation warfare pain support APGAR appearance, pulse, CC chief complaint / CPAP, continuous positive grimace, activity, ADA American Diabetes repirations creatinine clearance C-PAP airway pressure Association CCS Canadian CPK Creatine Phosphokinase ADH antidiuretic hormone APTT activated partial Cardiovascular Society throboplastin time CPR cardiopulmonary ADHD Attention-Deficit ARC AIDS related complex CCU cardiac / critical care resuscitation Hyperactivity unit CRF Chronic Renal Failure Disorder ARDS Acute / Adult CDC Center for Disease ADL activities of daily Respiratory Distress Control & Prevention / CRI Chronic Renal living Syndrome calculated date of Insufficiency CRP C-Reactive Protein AFP Alpha-Fetoprotein ARF acute renal / confinement Ag antigen respiratory failure / CEA Carcinoembryonic C & S culture & sensitivity / Acute Rheumatic Antigen specificity AGA appropriate for Fever CSF cerebrospinal fluid gestational age ARM artificial rupture of CF Cystic Fibrosis AIDS Acquired membranes CFS Chronic Fatigue CT computed tomography / Syndrome clotting time Immunodeficiency AROM active range of CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome motion CHB complete heart block Syndrome AI aortic incompetence AS aortic stenosis CHD Coronary Heart Disease / insufficiency CVA cerebrovascular accident ASCVD Arteriosclerotic CHF Congestive Heart Failure / costovertebral angle AKA above the knee Cardiovascular CK creatine kinase CVP central venous pressure amputation Disease ALL Acute Lymphocytic CLL Chronic Lymphocytic CVS cardiovascular system / Leukemia ASD atrial septal defect Leukemia chorionic villi sampling ASHD Arteriosclerotic Heart CML Chronic Myelogenous CXR chest x-ray ALOS average length of Disease Leukemia stay ALS Amyotrophic Lateral ATN acute tubular Sclerosis / advanced necrosis D AVB atrioventricular block D5R, 5% dextrose in DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis life support D5LR Lactated Ringer’s AMA against medical AVM ateriovenous Solution DLE Drug-related Lupus advice / American malformation Erythematosus Medical Association AVR aoric valve D5W 5% dextrose in water DM Diabetes Mellitus replacement / D dextrose 50% in water AMI acute myocardial regurgitation 50 DME durable medical infarction DAT diet as tolerated equipment D/C, DC discharge / discontinue DNR do not resuscitate B BCBS Blue Cross Blue BMT bone marrow D & C, dilation and curettage D/O, disorder D/C d/o, do Shield transplant D & E, dilation and evacuation DOA date of admission / BCC Basal Cell Carcinoma BPH benign prostatic D/E dead on arrival BCP birth control pill hypertrophy DEA United States Drug DOB date of birth BE barium enema BPM beats per minute Enforcement DOE dyspnea on exertion BG blood glucose BRBPR bright red blood per Administration rectum DH, D/H,drug history DOL day of life BKA below the knee DPL diagnostic peritoneal amputation BS, bs bowel sounds / DHx lavage BM bowel movement / breath sounds DI Diabetes Insipidus BSA body surface area DIC Disseminated DPT diptheria, pertussis, & bone marrow tetanus vaccine BMI body mass index BTL bilateral tubal Intravascular DRE digital rectal exam BMR basal metabolic rate ligation Coagulation BUN blood urea nitrogen DJD Degenerative Joint DS double strength / Disease double strand 1 MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS • 1-55080-889-3 www.permacharts .com © 2003-2012 Mindsource Technologies Inc. permachartsM D – L D (CONT’D) H DS double strength / DTR deep tendon reflexes Hb, Hgb hemoglobin HJR hepatojugular reflex double strand DUB dysfunctional uterine HBcAg hepatitis B core HLA histocompatibility D & S, dilation & suction bleeding antigen locus antigen / D/S human leukocytic / DVT deep vein HBeAg hepatitis B envelope leukocyte antigen DSD dry sterile dressing thrombosis antigen DT Delirium Tremens DX, diagnosis HBsAg hepatitis B surface H & P history & physical Dx, dx antigen HPF high power field DTaP Diptheria-Tetanus Toxoid-Acellular HBV Hepatitis B Virus HPI history of present Pertussis Vaccine HCM Hypertrophic illness Cardiomyopathy HPV Human Papilloma E Hct hematocrit Virus EBL estimated blood loss ENT ear, nose, throat HD hospital day / HR heart rate / rhythm EBV Epstein-Barr Virus EOM extraocular movement / discharge HRS Hepatorenal ECG, electrocardiogram muscle HDL high density Syndrome EKG EPO erythropoietin lipoprotein HRT hormone replacement therapy ECT electroconvulsive EPS extrapyramidal HEENT head, ears, eyes, therapy symptoms nose, throat HSM hepatosplenomegaly EDC estimated date of ER emergency room / HGH Human Growth HSV herpes simplex virus confinement estrogen receptor Hormone HTN hypertension EEG electroencephalogram ERCP endoscopic retrograde H/H Hematocrit / HVD Hypertensive Vascular EF ejection fraction cholangiopancreato- Hemoglobin Disease graphy EGD, oesophageal-gastro HIV Human OGD duodenoscopy ESR erythroycte Immunodeficiency Virus EKG, electrocardiogram sedimentation rate ESRD End-Stage Renal I ECG Disease ELISA enzyme-linked IBC iron binding capacity INR international immunoadsorbent ETA estimated time of IBD Inflammatory Bowl normalized ratio assay arrival Disease I & O, intake & output ETOH, ethanol EMG electromyogram IBS Irritable Bowel I/O EMS emergency medical EtOH Syndrome IOP intraocular pressure service / system ETT endotracheal tube IBW ideal body weight IPPB intermittent positive- ICN intensive care nursery pressure breathing F IU international unit ICP intracranial pressure FBC full blood count FSH Follicle-Stimulating ICU intensive care unit IUD intrauterine device FBG fasting blood glucose Hormone IUGR intrauterine growth FTD formal thought ID infectious disease / retardaton FBS fasting blood sugar disorder / full-term identification FDA Food & Drug delivery I & D incision and drainage IUP intrauterine Administration pregnancy FTT failure to thrive IDDM Insulin-Dependent IVC inferior vena cava FEV forced expiratory FTN full term nursery Diabetes Mellitus volume IDM infant of a diabetic IVDA intravenous drug FFP fresh-frozen plasma FTND full term normal mother abuse delivery FH, F/H, family history Ig immunoglobulin IVF intravenous fluids FHx F/U, FU, follow-up FHM fetal heart monitor F-U, FUO fever of undetermined / J FHR fetal heart rate unknown origin JVD jugular vein JVP jugular venous FNA fine needle aspiration distension pressure / pulse FVC forced vital capacity FROM full range of FWB full weight bearing movement / motion K Fx, fx fracture KUB kidney-ureters-bladder KVO keep vein open G L G/C, Gonorrhea and GORD, Gastro-oesophageal LAD left anterior LDL low-density G & C Chlymidia GERD Reflux Disease / descending coronary lipoprotein GCS Glasgow Coma Scale Disorder artery / left axis LFT liver function test GERD, Gastro-oesophageal GPMA gravida, parity, deviation LGA large for gestational GORD Reflux Disease / miscarrages, abortions LAH left atrial hypertrophy Disorder GPC gram-positive cocci age LAP left atrial pressure LH Luteinizing Hormone GFR glomerular filtration rateGSW gunshot wound LCA left coronary artery GI gastrointestinal GTT glucose tolerance test LLE left lower extremity LES lower esophageal LLL left lower lobe GN Glomerulonephritis GU genitourinary / gastric sphincter GNR gram-negative rod ulcer LBBB left bundle branch LLQ lower left quadrant GVHD Graft-Versus-Host block LMP last menstrual period Disease LBP low back pain LOC level / loss of consciousness 2 MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS • 1-55080-889-3 w w © 2003-2012 Mindsource Technologies Inc. permachartsM L – Q L (CONT’D) P LP lumbar pressure / LUL left upper lobe PAC premature atrial PMH, past / previous puncture contraction PMHx medical history LUQ left upp
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