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Laboratory Basics
Laboratory Basics
• Check location of emergency equipment
and learn to operate it correctly (eye
fountains, fire blankets, showers, fire
extinguishers, fire escapes, telephones)
• Be prepared for emergency situations
• Have a thorough knowledge of the
basic char acteristics and potential
dangers of all the chemicals you
work with
• Read Material Safety Data Sheets
• Consult Merck Index (popular
chemical encyclopedia) for info
• Wear eye protection at all times
• Do not wear contact lenses in
the laboratory because lens material
may react with chemical vapors
and cause serious eye damage
• Wear a lab coat and ensure that
your feet are adequately protected
• Tie or secure long hair
• Never bring food or beverages into
the laboratory
• Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the
• Do not use laboratory equipment for
eating, drinking, or personal hygiene
• Never work alone
• Be sure that someone is always
within earshot and knows that you
are in the laboratory
• Never perform an unauthorized
• Beware of hot objects; hot glass
looks just like cold glass
• Use heat resistant gloves or
mittens when handling hot objects
• Do not force glass tubing through
hole in a stopper
• Wet tubing and hole with soapy
water; proceed with caution
• Hold glass tubing close to hole and
insert it slowly without excess force
• Wear gloves where possible
• Use a fumehood whenever an
experimental proce dure makes it
• Ensure that the fumehood is
operating properly by testing the
air flow with a light piece of paper
or thread
• Most laboratories do not permit
flushing of dangerous solutions
(heavy metal ions, corrosive,
reactive or organic materials)
down drain
• Follow appropriate waste-chemical
disposal policies as provided by the institution
Wash Bottle Crucible
Hot Plate Stirrer
Stirring Bars
Erlenmeyer Flask
Separatory Funnel
Filtering Flask
Filter Paper
Round Bottom Boiling Flask
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Lab safety is the cornerstone principle in this compelling Guide. All international safety symbols are clearly defined, with all basic lab glassware and equipment depicted by text description and diagrams. The Guide also provides helpful tips in the measurement and handling of potentially dangerous substances in any laboratory
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