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Lecture 6

ANTH 140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: African Burial Ground National Monument, Enthesopathy, Supine PositionPremium

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ANTH 140
Warren R.Perry

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West Africa: Senegambia
Origin of most captive Africans in English New York
African Burial Ground Archaeology Site: immediately north of City Hall Park
Topics of Concern to Descendant community
Geographic and cultural origins
Quality of lives under captivity
Ways of resisting enslavement
Formation of new identities and communities
Temporal Groups
Early groups prior to 1730s
Four sided tapered coffins
No refuse from pottery kilns in grave fil
Middle and late group 1730 to 1776
Lack of evidence of earlier or later placement
Stratigraphic relationships, especially late middle
Late group 1776 and later
Placement of north of northern boundary
Aspects of burial practices
Coffin use, grave orientation, body position, individual vs. co-interment (mainly
women and infants), burial attire
, adornment and other goods, grave markers (white stones)
Clustered burials, groups of women buried in southeast corner
Some were buried with sacks that carried their spirits
Burial stats
Extended supine position 100%
Head to west 98%
Individual burial 94%
Coffin use 92%
Copper alloy straight pins in all children burials
Buttons and cufflinks, personal adornment rare
Future research questions
Connections among proximal burials
Genetic analysis for kinships and possible cultural ties
Rural to urban migration, Revolutionary era
Burial practices in the 19th century, black churches
Churches replaced ABG as institution
Injuries found in African burial ground
Enthesopathy: tendons and ligaments being pulled off the bone
Fractured first cervical vertebra, caused by axial loading: carrying things on their
Archaeology in CT: Revealing the African Diaspora
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