ANTH 140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Tim Wise

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8 Feb 2017

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Video: Among the Wild Chimpanzees
Jane Goodall’s study 1960-to present, longest study of wild animals
Arrived at Gombe in 1960, brought her mother and a cook, but virtually alone
Chimps ran away from her for the first few months, watched them from a peak so
they could get used to her presence, took months
She named the chimps and recognized them
Chimpanzees are nomadic, and noisy and excitable, calm and gentle
Began coming to her after one chimp took bananas from tent
Young chimps learn mothering skills from mother, young chimps are interested in
new infants
Chimps make tools to get to termites and water
Chimps killed and ate young animals
Chimps caught polio from nearby epidemic
Jane’s son grew up in Gombe
The group she was studying split up and the chimps from the larger group began
attacking the ones from the smaller group
Two chimps went around killing newborn babies and eating them
Tim Wise: White Like Me
Based on another book by Griffin: Black Like Me
White bonding
White: those persons typically of European descent who able to
perceived as white; dominant group of society; social construct
consequent of living in a white supremacist society
Book Sections
Intro to 3rd ed.
Wrote a new edition because he wasn’t considered white, his
father is Jewish and mother Anglo-Celtic
What happened to you?”
Wondering why he became an advocate for African-Americans
Book is written for white people
Asked audience when they became aware of racism
Born to belonging
To be born into a system that has been set up for your benefit by
people like you
How he grew up, grew up poor in the south
Starting to hear and understand the world of whiteness he lived in
Sent to Tennessee State University for daycare
Mother reported teacher for asking him why he hung with the
black children
Middle Passage
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