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Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
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Aaron Jones

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January 23, 2014 The Production Process 1. Three Phases of Production a. Preproduction b. Production c. Postproduction 2. Preproduction a. Any and all preparatory activities that are completed prior to the beginning of production. b. Two stages to preproduction i. Defining your message, brainstorming, refining ideas, and conceptualizing the project into a workable plan. ii. Production/technical considerations c. Ideally completed before you begin production; however, this RARELY happens! 3. Examples of Preproduction a. Defining your (client’s) intended message b. Brainstorming for ideas c. Scriptwriting d. Budgeting e. Crew selection f. Equipment options/decisions g. Technical considerations h. Location scouting i. Travel considerations 4. Production a. Essentially, everything that takes place between preproduction and postproduction b. Despite their preparatory nature, rehearsals are part of postproduction! i. Rehearsals aren’t just about actors learning li
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