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Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
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Aaron Jones

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February 13, 2014 Cameras 1. How Cameras Work a. Three major processes in creating a video signal i. Light collection (lens) ii. Conversion of light to electrical signals (image sensor) iii. Recording of those signals for alter playback (recorder) b. In a live or studio based setting, the camera may not be used to record the data/images 2. Understanding Light a. Light is a form of energy b. Light can be converted into electrical signals c. Normal light consists of all colors (RoyGBiv) 3. Two basic models used a. Subtractive Model i. Deals with how our eyes perceive the color of objects ii. We add pigments to materials to give them color iii. When light hits an object, the added pigments absorb (subtract) certain colors of light, while others are reflected. iv. The three primary colors of the subtractive model: 1. Cyan 2. Magenta 3. Yellow b. Additive Model i. Deals with mixing (adding) light together to create color ii. Three primary colors of the additive model are: 1. Red 2. Blue 3. Green iii. R+G+B= White iv. Red + Green=Yellow v. Green + Blue=Cyan vi. Blue + Red= Magenta 4. Light Collection (Lenses) a. Three basic lens shapes i. Flat: light passes straight through ii. Convex: focuses light inward iii. Concave: spreads light outward b. Photo and video lenses consist of many lenses working together c. These lenses are called “elements” d. Elements are clumped into “groups” 5. Lenses- Iris/Diaphragm a. Adjustable opening that allows you to control how much light is passing through the lens b. This opening is called the “aperture” c. As the iris opens, the aperture gets larger d. As the iris closes, the ap
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