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Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
BCA 223
Aaron Jones

February 20, 2014 Lighting/ Shot Composition To know from Quiz: - Lens types [] [( () - VU meter (Volume Unit) - Types of field production - Additive and Subtractive primary colors - Aperture - Three stages of production - How many scenes in an average production 1. Shot Types a. Extreme Wide Shot (EWS) aka Extreme Long Shot (ELS) b. Wide Shot (WS) aka Long Shot (LS) c. Medium Shot (MS) i. Middle of the person up- face and a little bit of their torso d. Close Up (CU) e. Extreme Close Up (ECU) f. Two Shot, Three Shot, etc. i. Referring to the number of the people in a shot g. Over-the-shoulder (OTS) h. Cross Shot (X/S) 2. Shot Composition a. Rule of Thirds i. Atic-tac-toe board on your frame b. Balance i. The distribution of things within your frame c. Depth d. Headroom e. Lead Room aka Walk Room i. The amount of space between the end of your frame and the object ii. They have somewhere to go (room to walk) f. Closure i. Thinking that your audiences mind is going to finish the shot whether they can see it or not ii. The mind of your viewer finishing the image g. Moving Subjects 3. CameraAdjustments a. Tilt up/down b. Pan left/right c. Pedestal up/down d. Truck left/right e. Boom (crane) up/down f. Focus shift i. You don’t have to move the camera ii. Changing focus from a foreground to the background 4. Studio Fixtures –All in the book a. Fresnel Spotlight i. Strong beam ii. Directional iii. If you direct it to a cloud, you could see the light iv. You can focus the light by a knob b. Ellipsoidal Spotlight i. Used for highlighting points on the set ii. You can focus the light by a knob iii. “Leako” c. Scoop i. Named because of its shape ii. Incredibly bright light iii. Very, very soft iv. It’ll flood an entire studio with 3 scoops v. White inside, the light is thrown out d. Soft Light i. Light shined into a reflected and bounced out 1. Every time you bounce light it is going to get softer e. Broad Light i. Like a soft light, but the reflector is taken out ii. Not going to be as soft or diffused at a soft light f. Fluorescent (Flood Light) i. Fluorescent tubes put into a fixture ii. Color specific light bulbs g. Egg Crate i. Helps direct the light in a certain direction without softening it any more h. Strip or Cyc Light i. Four individual elements place in a reflector in a line ii. Placed to light a green screen iii. Placed to shoot up at the screen iv. Flat, broad light 5. Studio Mounting a. Pipe Grid i. Place where the lights in a studio are hung b. Counterweight batten i. Brings the lights down to the ground so that equipment can be adjusted c. C-clamp i. Catches equipment on chain if clamp doesn’t work d. Sliding Rod i. Loosen and tighten screws along rod to mount 6. Field Fixtures a. Small Fresnel Spotlight b. Small Spotlight with Prismatic Lens c. Portable HMI Fresnel Spotlight with Ballast 1. M- MediumArch 2. I- Iodide ii. Special Type of lamp that’s filled with gas 1. When you hit the gas with a powerful electrical charge, you release light d. Open-face Spot e. Clip Light i. Extra light ii. If no more stands, you can use a clip light and place where needed
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