ENG 571 Lecture 14: Ch 14-15 & 17

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5 Dec 2019
Ch 14
Teachers use variety of writing tasks at all levels
Writing enables learners to plan communication process
Provides chance to focus on linguistic accuracy and content organization
Important in initial learning stage
Essential in recognizing written forms & connecting them w/ spoken forms & meaning
Focus on sound-spelling patterns improves pronunciation & plays role in
listening/speaking skills
Sound-spelling correspondences give basis for reading, writing, speaking, listening &
When teacher focuses on writing, emphasize importance of careful planning
Early stages of ESL/EFL provide good foundation furthering knowledge
Chapter shows how important early stages are
Addresses student interest to learn
Use of target lang/writing reflect learner’s real-world needs
Learning how to write letters and words= better at reading
Once student gets mechanics of writing, can begin to write for communication
Early writing activities can take digital forms & can be used by students in authentic
exchanges w/ peers
Ch 15
World is interconnected, so writing is most critical kill needed
Will be upcoming need in writing teachers
writing= complex involving wide range of issues & subskills teachers need to develop
expertise in many diff areas in order to become effective at teaching it
Writing is most challenging & time-consuming skill to teach bc complexity, but also
most rewarding
Involves both lang ability and composing ability
Writing teachers need to:
consider cog (indiv) aspects & sociocultural (context) aspects of writing
understand role of other lang skills like reading & grammar in writing process
focus on writing process & the writing product in both instruction & in
responding to student writing
New technologies impact role of writing; teachers need to be able to
understand/evaluate these tools to make most effective use of them
Ch 17
Over centuries, 2nd lang teachers alternated bt 2 approaches:
Focus on analyzing lang
Focus on using lang
Analyzing lang: teach elements of lang (grammar construction, building lang capacity)
to communicate
Using lang: teach to use lang from the beginning, & acquire it communicatively
Speaking & writing = important
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