ENG 571 Lecture 11: 3 Ideas_Advice (Ch 11-13 & 19)

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5 Dec 2019
Ch 11: Teaching Literacy
L1 literacy similar to L2 literacy in basic ways; build on ELL’s L1 background to
help L2 literacy
ELL’s need instruction in the 4 literary skills to focus on meaning and need that
instruction to be adapted to personal needs/levels
ELL’s benefit from being exposed to wide variety of text genres and illustrating
Ch 12: Developing Engaged Readers
Learning how to write leads to better reading/spelling
Once students acquire mechanics for writing, begin writing for authentic
Writing enables learner to plan communication process
Ch 13: Teaching Reading for Academic Purposes
Reading used for many purposes and involves many skills
Skills discussed= word-recognition, vocab building, discourse awareness, main
idea comprehension, reading strategies/fluency, extensive reading, and student
Nine curricular principles to guide reading instruction:
Integrate reading skill instruction with practice and exposure to print
Use interesting, varied, attractive, abundant, and accessible reading
Give students choice in what they read
Introduce reading skills and give student chances to practice by drawing
first on course passages
Connect readings to student background knowledge
Structure lessons around pre/during/post reading tasks
Give student chance to experience comp. Success
Build expectations that reading occurs in every lesson
Plan instruction around curriculum to integrate goals for reading abilities
Ch 19: Teaching/Learning Vocab
Know that some aspects of word learning are learned through direct instruction,
while others are learned through incidents
Understand process of word learning includes vocab depth, vocab breadth,
receptive vocab, & productive vocab
Comprehend that teachers shouldn’t expect to teach all words learners need,
but they can instead teach learners to understand word-learning process & use
word-learning strategies on their own
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