ENG 571 Lecture 9: Ch 9- Fluency Oriented 2nd Lang Teaching

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5 Dec 2019
Fluency uses lang structures accurately while
concentrating on meaning, not form
Use correct patterns automatically at normal convo
Accuracy is major part of fluency
4 features:
1. Pauses long, not frequent
2. Pauses usually filled
3. Pauses happen at meaningful transition pts
4. Long runs of syllables & words bt pauses
Speaking competence
4 skill areas required for good communication:
1. Phonological skills: blend phonemes; use
appropriate stress & intonation
2. Speech function skills: achieve specific
communication functions in
social/transactional exchanges (agreeing,
asking q’s, offering reason)
3. Interactional skills: face-to-face exchanges,
regulate turn-taking, redirecting topic,
negotiate meaning, initiate, maintain, & close
4. Extend discourse skills: produce long
stretches of uninterrupted lang, structure what
they say, easy to follow, requires conventions,
narratives, procedural, expository, & descriptive
Convo management strategies
Speech conditions
Conditions play major role in fluency
3 categories: cognitive, affective, & performance
Familiarty w/ topic: more familiar something is,
easier to talk ab
Familiarity w/ genre: genres are lang events
Familiarity w/ interlocutors: more familiar w/
people talking to, easier the convo
Processing demands: certain speaking
activities involve complex mental processing
Feelings toward topic/participants: positive
feeling toward topic/people, easier to speak
Self-consciousness: lack confidence,
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