ENG 571 Lecture 7: Ch 7- Dimensions of Academic Listening (1)

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5 Dec 2019
Academic Listening
Academic Listening: process spoken lang in academic
Seminars, media, etc.
transmission /comp of beliefs, values, & cultures
Body lang
Goals: impart knowledge, teach skills, practice
discourses, & practical thinking
research into
listening to lectures
Psychometric approach measures effects on levels of
comp from variation in input presented
Research involves speech rate & pausology
Tests effect of syntactic & discourse modification
Addresses foreign accents & comparisons on diff
types of listening support
Discourse analysis
research into
listening to lectures
Spoken texts examined to discover features listeners
need to be able to identify to help listening
Focused on lexical phrases
Lengths of texts, silent periods, discourse patterns in
Non-relevant info in pronouns & use of slang
Research into
listening strategies
Studies use variety of research tools:
analysis of listening tests
analysis of student listening diaries
use of student talk aloud procedures
Strategy instruction sessions
Research shows diff types of learner strategies,
relationships bt strategy types & lang proficiency &
some learner issues when using strategies
skills= useful way to think ab academic listening
process & prep academic listening materials
research into
academic listening
Study of behavior/beliefs of groups
Becoming more popular
Variety of research tools needed
Takes long time
2+ researchers have to be involved
Findings show student lecturers share some
perceptions about lectures
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