ENG 571 Lecture 8: Ch 8- 2nd Lang Speaking

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5 Dec 2019
Fluency vs Accuracy
accuracy= conforming to lang system
fluency= operating lang system quickly
Message-oriented vs Language-oriented when
teaching lang use
2 meanings:
1. Authentic teaching materials
2. Issues of “self expression” of authentic voice
Corpus-based teaching:
Spoken grammar contrasts w/ written bc of
diff qualities
Spoken grammar of english (SGE)
Cambridge grammar of english (CGE)
Conversational analysis strategies:
1. Indirect indication of error (excuse me?)
2. Partial repetition of error (the what?)
3. Repetition of original question that sparked
4. Repetition of error with rising intonation
5. Provision of correct version (do you mean
6. Indication of why error is error
7. Acceptance of incorrect form & correct form
8. Invitation to do the repair
Concerns ab fluency, accuracy, appropriacy, &
Standards of accuracy & appropriacy shouldnt be
based on written lang norms
Encourage teachers to teach these forms & design
true authenticity of tasks, materials & lang
Oral Skills Class
L2 speaking skills classes
Published materials
for teaching L2
Textbook materials for teaching L2
Promote lang content, methodology, & task/textual
TESOL journal
TESL-EF electronic journal
ELT journal
Frequent activity
Suitable for practicing sociocultural variations in
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