ENG 571 Lecture 6: Ch 6- 2nd Lang Listening Comp (Process_Pedagogy) (1)

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5 Dec 2019
What Is Involved in
Active process
understanding= result of active construction happening at
all levels of sound, grammar, lexis, structure, and context
Active listener: someonne who constructs reasonable
interpretations from recognizing when more specific info is
required; asks for needed info
2 ways: one way (nonparticipatory) & 2 way
One way: little chance to interact
Rely on knowledge/experiences to make
sense of what they hear
Listen to recorded materials (lectures, radio,
movies, etc.)
Two way: interaction
Conversations, phone calls, etc
Face-to-face meaning comes from cooperative processes
bt listener/speaker
listening=goal directed; people listen for a purpose-- and
that purpose drives the comp. Process
Skills: enable person to listen w/o effort automatically;
result of actions that have been repeatedly practiced
Strategies (metacognic): planned ways of listening to
improve comp. & direct attention to input in coordination
w/ cog. processes
Planning, monitoring, evaluating listening before,
during, & after
Learners contantly move bt skills/strategies when listening
Cog. processes
3 recurrent phases (J.R. Auderson): perception, parsing,
utilization-- explain cog.processes during listening
1. Perception: happens when listeners match sounds to
words (also known as decoding)
2. Parsing: analyzes decoded words by grammar
3. Utilization: comp. happens here; info processed at
phonological, grammatical, & lexical levels related to prior
knowledge to interpret meaning
If meaning isn’t needed immediately, info stored in
long-term mem
Interactive listening: hold meaning longer in wrking mem
while response is being formed
Connections Model: simultaneous process of input
when brain receives speech input, brain matches
sounds to words
Bottom-up processing: way meaning is built up from
decoded sounds
Top-down processing: way meaning is inferred/built from
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