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Lecture 8

FMD 250 Lecture 8: FMD 250WI-Northern RenaissancePremium

2 pages84 viewsSpring 2017

Fashion Merchandising and Design
Course Code
FMD 250
usha Chowdhary

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FMD 250WI-Nothern Renaissance 2/17/17
Garments Generally Included:
o Doublet laced to hose worn under jacket with short skirt
o Wide puffed/slashed garments
o Doublet with Waist length jacket narrow shoulders and
wide ruff
o Fitted bodice with square neckline and long full skirt
o German style:
Fitted bodice,
Tight bands in puffed areas,
Gathered skirt
o Hourglass shaped gown with stiff tight bodice and inverted
cone shape
o Large full necklines, mostly squared
o Wide skirts, bodice elongated to V shape
o Ruffs are exceptionally high or wide
o Phase 1: 1500-1515
Similar to late middle ages in components
except that shoes now rounded at the toe
o Phase 2: 1515-1550
Wide, full, puffs, slashes, and panes
o Phase 3: 1550-1600
Narrower shoulders, gradually wider at hip
Trunk hose
o Jackets worn with wide skirts called bases
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