HSC 343 Lecture 4: 4. Today's Learners

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5 Dec 2019
Today's learners learn by:
Hands-on activities
Learning Styles: the diff ways of how people learn best
Visual: sight
Auditory: sound
Kinesthetic: touch/motion
Global: by knowing end result
Sequential: In order
Abstract: Can't be seen, can only be pictured in your head
Concrete: know it best
Students feel something
Use stories to get students to act on ideas
Pro-tip: make a checklist for each lesson to check off each learning style
Safe/Positive Learning Environment
What is in your room?: things that could be offensive, triggering
How are you speaking?: tone, volume
How is your body language?: be open, don’t fold arms
Interacting with students?: connections made w students = motive for students
to work hard, so get to know them, explain how you feel and why you stress
certain things/are harder on them for it
Modeling the “What If’s: show them the hypotheticals so they KNOW
Special concerns for educators:
Emotional concerns: depression, family stress, divorce, eating disorders,
substance abuse, neglect, suicide, self-injury
Chronic health conditions: long-lasting conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy,
cerebral palsy, cancer, HIV/AIDS
Learning disabilities: disorder that affects ability to interpret what they see/hear
to link info from diff parts of the brain
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