HSC 343 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, Construction Paper

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5 Dec 2019
1. Mention that we need 8 volunteers for our main activity-- and if we can’t get those
numbers, we’re just going to pick randomly! :)
2. Pull up the Youtube video “BAD APPLE - A Tale of Friendship by Edward
3. Have jars filled with gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Twizzlers, and
Starbursts in each at the front of room
4. Layout popcorn bag, pretzel bag, and mini marshmallows next to jars
5. Have 8 pieces of construction paper cut to fit the size of cans/bags to be written
6. Write on board “Good Friend Ingredients” with #1-8 underneath
7. Kaylie: welcome class and ask students how good of a friend they would rate
themselves fist to five (fist= not good and five= best friend)
8. Kaylie: Ask students, “if you rated yourself a 5, why do you think you are a good
9. Liv: Call on 1-3 students, and ask to share why they think they’re a good friend
10. Liv: Explain to students “for those who didnt volunteer or may not know, it’s okay
to not know what a good friend is because we will all become friendship experts by
the end of the day”
Open/Intro (Liv)
1. Begin by turning on projector to reveal video
2. Summarize “this story is called BAD APPLE - A Tale of Friendship by Edward
Hemingway. It’s about an apple and a worm, who have a special friendship that
isn’t always accepted by their peers. Let’s take a look and see some examples
of good versus bad friendship qualities. When we ask you to, raise your green
apple stick if you think the behavior is an example of a good friend, or raise
your red apple stick if you think the behavior fits into a bad friend”
3. Skip to 1:58-2:10; ask students to raise either their red or green stick to
describe whether teasing and name-calling are good or bad friend qualities
4. Skip to 2:15-2:34; ask students to raise either their red or green stick to
describe whether comforting a friend when they’re sad is a good or bad friend
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