HSC 343 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Central Nervous System Depression, Alcoholism

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5 Dec 2019
Begins in early adolescence (by 16 yrs old)
1st drug used= tobacco
Advertising tobacco influences young people to think it’s cool & has benefits
Provide Appropriate Programs
1. develop/enforce school policy on tobacco use
2. Provide instruction ab short/long term effects
3. Refusal skills & social pressure
4. Provide tobacco use prevention K-12
5. Provide program-specific training for teachers & faculty
6. Involve parent, families, & communities in support of prevention to tobacco use
Beer & tobacco companies need young people so they don’t have huge financial loss
Ads ab tobacco & alcohol have risen
½ of teens own something that contains tobacco & alcohol
CNS depressant
Hinder coordination
Slow reaction time
Dull senses
Block memory functions
Alcohol Youth in Class
Lying to teachers & parents
Declining grades
Absences & tardies in school
Decreased attention span
Change from one peer group to another
Youth Alcoholism Drinking Problems
Easy availability
Exposure to parental drinking problems
Culturally acceptable
Few strict controls for social use
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