HSC 343 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Skin Cancer, Sunscreen, Chronic Condition

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5 Dec 2019
Personal Health & Wellness & Academics
Health-related factors:
Phys & emotional abuse
Chronic illness
Health risk behaviors
Substance use
Physical inactivity
Both factors & behaviors contribute to poor school performance
Hand Washing & Personal Hygiene
Students should learn when, why, & how to wash hands
Before, during, after prepping food
After using bathroom
After blowing nose, coughing, & sneezing
After touching feces/garbage
Before & after treating cut or wound
How to brush teeth, why, what dentist is (& possible availability to one)
What brushing teeth does for students:
Clean teeth
Good smelling breath
Prevent cavities
Nice smile
Taste food better with clean mouth
Sleep & Rest
sleep= necessary
When sleeping, brain is hard at work
Sleep helps keep you focused & attentive
School-aged kids need at least 9 hrs of sleep
Techniques on how to get sleep & stay asleep
Pick out proper bedding, beds, & places to sleep
Skin Cancer Prevention & Sun Safety
Skin cancer= leading cancer in US
Minimize exposure to sun from 10AM-4PM
Seek shade from midday sun
Wear clothes, hats, & sunglasses to prevent skin
Use appropriate sunscreen & how to apply it
Avoid sunlamps & tanning beds
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