HSC 343 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Cyberbullying

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5 Dec 2019
Unintentional Injuries
Most common ones:
What We Can Do:
1. Create safe physical environment
2. Teach safety practices in classroom
3. Safe physical education, sports, & rec. Activities
4. Know how to respond to injuries
Fire Safety:
Plan home fire escape route in class/at home
matches/lighters= NOT TOYS
Teach kids on fire hazards at home
Stop/Drop/Roll & Rock
Vehicle Safety:
Door handles/windows= NOT TOYS
Teach to…
not distract drivers
how to enter & exit car/don’t play around in vehicle
always wear seatbelt/sit in booster seat that matches their size
Online Safety:
Be cautious of who you’re talking to online
Never meet people off the web
Don’t post threats/other material that harms or slanders someone
Never give passwords out
Cyber-bullying isn’t acceptable-- becoming the norm in bullying
Ongoing 1 sided degrading of student
Pick on the weak
Most bullying gets unreported due to threats made by the bully
Victims suffer humiliation, insecurity, & self-esteem loss
Bystanders who don’t help are also considered to be victims/part of the bullying
Good Touch vs. Bad Touch:
Good areas that can be touched
Wrong areas that can’t be touched
Not taking things (toys) if an adult can touch you
Not playing dress-up with adults
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