HDF 110 Lecture 1: HDF110 FEB21

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Central Michigan University
Human Development & Family
HDF 110

HDF110 FEB21 • Activity: o Make a list of masculine and feminine characteristic o Masculine- deep voice, hard working, strong, rugged, dominant, non-emotional o Feminine-petite, respectful, housewife, submissive, sensitive, mental strength, nurturing • 2. Symbolic o societally sanctioned ideologies used to justify relations of domination and subordination ▪ “controlling images” o Controlling images ▪ Dominant group defines into existence a subordinate group • Creation of categories and ideas that mark the group as inferior ▪ Part of the process of “othering” ▪ Denigrate and objectify women (and men) of color & justify their racial and gender subordination ▪ Reaffirms whiteness as normal and privilege white women (and men) as superior ▪ What • Individual o Individual biography o Also influences by: ▪ Institutional treatment o Symbolic meanings attached to one’s existence • Most U.S. cities are heavily segregated today th o Not the case during the 19 century th o Segregation was created in the early 20 century ▪ Between 1900 and 1940. US cities were transformed from having very little residential segregation to having very high levels of it o Has had malicious
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