HDF 110 Lecture 9: HDF 110 Midterm Study Guide (1)

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5 Dec 2019
Privilege: special right, advantage, or immunity granted only to particular person/group
Oppression: unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power
Unequivocal Citizenship: clear, obvious citizenship
Intelligence Tests: attempt to qualify intellectual ability using scientific measures
Ideological Power: power to set principles that benefit dominant group
Privilege Paradox: even though privilege received by individuals, access to it has nothing to do with who they
are as people
Internalized Oppression: when member of ppressed group believes/acts out stereotypes created about their
Naturalization: people become citizens of country where they don’t have birthright citizenship
Eugenicists: those who wanted to improve human race by controlling its hereditary qualities
Race and the Privilege Paradox: whites compare themselves with other whites/not with those of color,
meaning that whites dont feel privileged by race in comparison with their reference group, bc that group is
also white.
The boundaries of whiteness: about cases of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till; maintaining racial separation,
facilitating cross-class white racial solidarity, articulating black maleness as threat
Madison Grant’s Ideas on Race: Nordics were most fit; measures should be taken to ensure racial purity;
advocated in reduction of Alpines and Mediterranean's admitted into US
Racism facing Italian Americans: discriminated bc of Catholicism and stereotypes related to criminality
Craft Unions: labor union of people of same skilled craft
Dred Scott Decision of 1857: supreme court ruled that free blacks were not US citizens
Examples of First Language: refers to individual 1st and disability 2nd
The Social Construction of the Meaning of Difference: differences bt individuals exist, but they don't mean
anything until those with power in society decide they matter and how
The Steps to Oppress a Group:
1. suppression of history/memory of group
2. Suppression of culture
3. Destroy Ethnic Identity
4. Deprogram
5. Control socialization process
6. Control wealth
7. Segregation
Johnsons belief on differences: people don’t fear differences & judge character based on appearance
Institutions Whose Primary Purpose is Political: gov, law, justice system, police, military
Economic Power/Control According to Pharr: Once economic control is in hands of few, others can be
controlled through limiting access to resources, mobility, & employment options
Myth of Scarcity: only so much to go around; blames poor for using up too much of their share (demanding
higher wages, etc)
Immigration Act of 1917: banned more people from immigration; homosexuals, alcoholics, physically
defective, illiterates, people from “Asiatic Barred Zone”, & created head tax per immigrant
1882 Chinese Exclusion Act: banned entry to all Chinese except students, teachers, merchants, tourists, and
gov officials; extended law for 10 more years in 1892 & restricted all chinese in 1902; not repealed until 1943
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Short Answer
Why is it important for everyone to understand oppression in terms of masculinity expectations?: From early
age, these messages shape individuals; boys learn conventional gender roles from family and friends
(influenced by their upbringing, experience, and social environment) which play big role in determining views
of masculinity and manhood.
Can you view one type of oppression alone or does it need to be linked by a common origin?: linked by
common origin/economic power & all connected in some way
What is the cost of oppression on a society?:
Psychological: Loss of Authentic Self
Social: Loss and Diminishment of Relationships
Intellectual: Loss of Developing Full Range of Knowledge
What was the goal of many scientists in terms of intellectual difference?: trying to figure out what IQ really
Are inclusion and acceptance the key aspects of privilege?: yes
Are race and DNA testing connected? Do you need permission to group people using these types of tests?: yes
& yes
Is race biological?: no
Who primarily worked in farms in the south in the late 1800s?: Chinese laborers
Have there been any changes in how Mexicans are defined?: Yes, Mexicans were defined as white until 20th
What were the first immigration policies?
Naturalization Act of 1795: increased residency requirement to 5 yrs & added requirement to
give 3 years notice of intention to apply for citizenship
Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882
Immigration Act of 1917.
California Alien Land Law of 1913
The Refugee Act of 1980
Who determines race?: dominant culture defines race to advantage white people/oppress other races
What is typically the first stumbling black in understanding the problem of privilege?: Getting over categorizing
who’s privileged and who’s not
Consider this scenario: A senior level student is in a class that discusses the history of race and current
expressions of racism. After a couple of classes the student finds that he is actually surprised at the amount
of racism people are currently experiencing in this country, since he is part of the dominant racial group. What
this student is experiencing is an example of what?: Experiencing privilege of being in dominant racial group
What does Weber believe allows a dominant group to maintain control?: analyzing economic situations, status,
or organizations formed by people to achieve certain ends
How did H.H. Goddard test his theory on the inheritance of feeble-mindedness?: developed screening
procedures for Ellis Island; test questions were biased, results were skewed to reflect results supporting their
What do The Bell Curve, Race: The reality of human differences, and Jason Richwine’s dissertation about
Hispanic immigrants all have in common?: work is problematic bc its part of scientific racism, and based on
discredited ideas of intelligence testing/ relationship bt racialized categories and genetic makeup; true that
Hispanic immigrants score lower on tests than whites, but this is result of unequal educational opportunities,
not genetics
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