HDF 110 Lecture 18: HDF 110 Final Study Guide (1)

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5 Dec 2019
HDF110 Final Study Guide
Transgender: umbrella term describing person whose birth sex & internal gender identity are not same;
transsexuals, cross-dressers and others whose gender identity does not fit traditional gender roles
ADA: fair and appropriate employment, public transportation, public access, and telecommunications
Religious Extremism: faith-based actions that’re deliberate attempts to harm others based on their religion;
not unique to any 1 belief system & represent small minority of people within any given religion
Homosexuality: person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex
Religious Privilege: dominant group privilege where the beliefs of Christians have advantage over non-
Christians in society
Cisgender: biological sex matches gender identity
Asexual: Someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction
Hate Crimes: prejudice-motivated crime which occurs when perpetrator targets victim bc of their social group
or race
IDEA: identify current level of ed performance; develop annual/short term objectives; identify related services;
appropriate % of time in gen ed classroom; annual evaluation of progress towards objectives
Person-First Language: not describing person based on their disability
Parallel Words: words that start off as neutral but take on more negative connotations over time, especially w
female words (master vs. mistress); normal to address both genders as man or what's up guys
Institutional Ableism: discrimination in favor of able-bodied people found in laws, policies, regulations,
practices, and institution's social/cultural norms
Oppression: social forces that press upon people and block their pursuit of good life
Internalized Oppression: idea that person in subordinate group believes negative stereotypes created by
dominant group about self
Sexism: system where women are kept subordinate to men
Ideological Power: power held by media, religions, and education systems to produce ideas about society, why
it’s organized that way, and what people need to know in order for it to function
Economic Power: idea that once economic control is in hands of few, all others controlled through limiting
access to resources, mobility, and job options
Infantilizing: referring to men as men, but women as girls; slang terms for women (babe, baby, chick) that
serve to put women in same position as kids, who are less developed, less powerful, etc.
Special Education Services & Parent Involvement:
consent needed for evaluation
participation needed in child's IEP
have right to extra assessments & access to child's ed records
can request meeting of IEP team to review progress of child
Wealth and Health: wealthy in our nation is much healthier than the impoverished
Hate Crimes and Laws: crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving
violence, some laws in place to help but vary by state to degree of help
Risks Associated with LGBTQ Community:
Lack of jobs
Loss of family support
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