HDF 110 Lecture 2: HDF110 Week 2 Notes

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5 Dec 2019
HDF110 Week 2 Notes: Understanding Race
person’s economic well-being often correlates with his or her skin color
no evidence that race is a biological reality
race is an idea that has been socially constructed.
Question to think about: what explains the differences in well-being between
different racial groups?
Caucasians controlled power structure since they arrived in North America hundreds of
years ago
Understand how dominant group (Caucasians) gained and maintained their
different types of power used to control the subordinate group:
Pharr: ways the dominant group maintains power
Institutional power: political, ideological
Economic power: dominant group holds a majority of USA total net worth
Violence: backs up the institutional/economic power; ex- criminal justice
Webber: three domains of society, ways dominant groups exploit subordinate
Ideology (ideas and knowledge): media, religion, and education;
producing and distributing ideas about society, why its organized the
way it is, what needs to be known to function in society
Political (direct control over others): government, law, justice, police,
military; creating and enforcing laws and government structures that
define rights, responsibilities, and privileges
Economic (material goods and resources): major industries & work
producing and distributing valued goods and services.
Race & Racism Ch 1-2:
cruel treatment of Blacks and Native Americans by Caucasians:
Used main forms of power (institutional and political-- mainly) to control
these groups in several ways
From segregation by the Jim Crow laws to ghettoization and
suburbanization in modern culture, forces are at work to continuously
separate and discriminate.
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