HDF 110 Lecture 10: HDF110 Week 10 Notes (1)

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5 Dec 2019
Week 10: Religion
Unearned benefits of Christianity in US:
When swearing oath in court, everyone is asked to put hand on Bible
If being tried in court, assume that jury of “your peers” shares your faith and not
hold that against you in weighing decisions
Politicians responsible for gov are probably members of your faith & prominent figures
may even perform violence against you if not Christian
Politicians make decisions citing your faith without being labeled as extremists
Positive references to faith said dozens of times by everyone, “God Bless You or
“Jesus is the Reason for the Season
Fundraising to support congregations of faith will not be investigated as potentially
threatening/terrorist behavior
Disclosing faith to adoption agency won’t prevent you from being able to adopt
In divorce, judge won’t immediately grant custody of children to ex bc of your faith
Have time off work to celebrate your religious holidays
Have easy access to music/TV shows about your holidays
Stores have items that support religious celebration like Easter baskets, Christmas
wrapping paper, Icthus, or cross necklace
Not forced to participate in other holidays, like “Christmas exchange” at work
W/ Christian Privilege Comes Oppression for Some:
Oppression always connected to privilege
Bc majority of Americans are Christian, Christianity= dominant religion in US
Bc of majority & long-standing political positions, Christians have more power
than each minority religious groups combined
Institutional power implied here= Christians have power to influence many parts of
society (laws, what’s shown in the media, etc)
Religious oppression: systematic subordination of minority religions by dominant
Arab vs Muslim:
Arab World consists of 22 countries in Middle East & North Africa:
Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia,
Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, & Yemen
This area is tied tg as region bc all countries within it are Arabic-speaking
While most Arabs are Muslims, most Muslims are not Arabs
Islam is religion, Muslims are followers of Islam
Top 6 World Religions:
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