HDF 110 Lecture 8: HDF110 Week 8 Notes (1)

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5 Dec 2019
Myths about people who identify as LGBTQ+
Risks they face
EX of ideology: homophobia & religion
U.S. Pysch Association claimed it’s no more abnormal to be homosexual than to be
Why Adults are Concerned About Teaching Kids About Being Gay:
Believe these “lifestyles” are wrong
Assume this means discussing sex at too young of an age
Afraid children will experiment and/or become gay
Why Teach Tolerance from a Young Age:
1/10 people are homosexualmight be child or their family/friends
For kids who grow up with gay parents-- should feel valued & accepted rather than
Teaching kids to value everyone reduces homophobia later
How Gender Roles are Maintained in Society:
Economics: women in lowest paying jobs do more unpaid work (housekeeping,
Violence: Intimate violence
Homophobia: threat of being called gay if you don’t conform to socially constructed
gender stereotypes
Link Between Homophobia & Sexism:
Homophobia seen as attack on traditional gender roles
Gay relationships don’t follow traditional gender roles, suggesting male dominance of
woman is not necessary and/or natural
Men may see it as threat to their masculinity and power
Summary of Diff Views on LGBTQ+ Individuals (Littig and Beauchamp)
Homophobic Levels of Attitude:
Repulsion: Gays are sick”
Pity: Heterosexual chauvinism
It’s just a phase
Gays are less mature than heterosexuals
Gays shouldn’t be in positions of power bc they are still ’immature’
Acceptance: That’s fine as long as you don’t flaunt it”
Positive Levels of Attitude:
1. Support: person works to safeguard rights of gays bc they see treatment of
them as unfair (even if they are uncomfortable themselves)
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