HDF 110 Lecture 9: HDF110 Week 9 Notes (1)

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5 Dec 2019
HDF110 Week 9 Notes: Sexual Orientation
Beliefs about the LGBTQ+ Community
For many of us, beliefs come from family, friends, and people we know who
identify as LGBTQ
***Don’t forget that each of us has been influenced by IDEOLOGICAL power:
power of media/other institutions that spread ideas
Still many individuals who disagree with the LGBTQ movement for equality:
Many cite “religion” as reason; reference Bible to believe that their
religion forbids homosexuality
EX- Many translations of bible use word ‘sodomy’ when referring to
same-sex acts, but many scholars show this to be gross
word sodomy derived from name of infamous Biblical town of
Sodom that God ultimately destroyed for its sins
Scholars believe that sins committed in Sodom were not referring
to homosexuality, but referencing sin of being
uncharitable/abusive to strangers-- in those days, person’s
survival might depend upon charity of strangers
Only a brief look at 1 of references used from Bible by homophobics--
many interpretations of ALL of verses cited by these people (as
explained in Pharr’s Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism)
Message to be taken from this-- consider context info that’s
written and what was happening historically & culturally at that
time of writing
Why there is an Emphasis on Sin in Sexuality:
Word homosexual’ didn’t appear in bible until 1946
7 or 8 bible verses used to argue homosexuality is a sin; all of these verses are
debated by religious scholars and none come from Jesus
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