HDF 211 Lecture 18: Abuse guided notes(1)

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Human Development & Family
HDF 211

Abuse Child Abuse o Every 47 seconds, a child suffers from abuse or neglect o Each day, 1,837 children are abused or neglected o Each day, more than four children die as a result of abuse or neglectone every 5.5 hours o Physical Abuse easiest to detect o Emotional Abuse psychologicalverbal, can consist of belittling, humiliating, threatening, isolating, or corrupting (involving illegal activities) o Neglect fail to provide for the childs basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, supervision; may also be medical, emotional, or educational Some Cumulative Effects of Child Abuse o Age (where the child is developmentally) o Chronicity o Negative effects are compounded due to the detrimental effect on emotional social relationships Sexual Abuse o Most research has focused on fatherdaughter o Motherchild also a problem but is rarely discussed o National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect estimates 25 of sexual abuse is by women, primarily mothers
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