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Lecture 8

MKTG 345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Earned Media, Activity Stream, User-Generated Content

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MKTG 345

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Class notes sept 23 Social Media
What are the characteristics of Social Networking Sites
- typically vary in terms of 3 important dimensions
1. audience and degree of specialization
2. the social objects that mediate the relationships among members
3. degree of decentralization or openness
Audience Specialization
- social networking sites can be internal or external
internal social network: provides a method of communication and
collaboration that is more dynamic and interactive
external social network: is open to people who are not affiliated with the
site’s sponsor
Characterization of Social Network
-LinkedIn( career), Care2 ( social causes), Focus (business and tech),
webkinz (age), Married life ( marital status), income)
Social objects and passion-centric sites
- the ability of an object to inspire social interaction is known as a vertical
- describes the narrow and deep focus of social networking sites
- ex yahoo!
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find more resources at
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