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Lecture 10

MKTG 345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Alternate Reality Game, Social Media Marketing, Interactive Fiction

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MKTG 345

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Class notes Social Media Marketing Make up day
Why do games work for Marketers?
- key characteristics of games in addition to cost and ease of targeting that
make this domain especially attractive to marketers going forward
1. gamers are open to advertising content in games
2. brands benefit when they associate with a successful game
3. players identify with the brands their characters use, increasing brand
4. branding within a game’s story is an unobtrusive way to share a
brand’s core message
5. marketers can measure a games promotional value
Alternate Reality Games: A transmedia genre
Alternate relatiy game (ARG): cores media genre of interactive fiction using multiple
delivery and communications media, including tv, radio, newpapers, internet email
- since ARGs involve 2 or more dif media they are also know as Transmedia
social games
Characteristics of ARGs
1. based on a fictional story
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