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Lecture 9

MKTG 345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Social Media Marketing, Platform Game, Game Design

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MKTG 345

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Class Notes Social Media Marketing 12 October
Social Games
- defined as a multiplayer competitive, goal-oriented activity with defined
rules of engagement and online connectivity among a community of players.
Most social games include a few key elements
Leaderboards: listing of leaders in game competition
Achievement badges: symbols awarded to show game levels achieved and
share to the community
Friend(buddy) lists with chat: list of contacts with whom one plays and the
ability to communicate within the game
Gamer Segments
-traditionally gamers have been categorized as either casual or hardcore
Casual games(played by casual players): require only a small amount of time are
easy to learn and are readily available
Core games ( played by hardcore players): require a great time investment are
highly immersive and demand advanced skill
Gaming is not limited to male teens as once believed
- 67% of households play computer games
- 60% male overall
- 55% female casual social gamers
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