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Lecture 1

MKTG 345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Social Media Marketing, How I Met Your Mother, Alternate Reality Game

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MKTG 345

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Aug 26 Class Notes Social Media Marketing
Horizontal Revolution: Today information flows ACROSS people, not just from big
companies to people
Social Media: The online means of communication, conveyance, collaboration and
cultivation among interconnected people, communities and organizations enhanced
by technological capabilities and mobility
Synchronous Interactions: Occur in real time ex twitter
Asynchronous Interactions: Do not require all participants to immediately
respond ex email
Medium way communication travels a.k.a channel ex word of mouth tv signage
Vechicles are within a medium and it is a way of broad casting a message ex
Womens Health
Social communities: channels of social media focusing on relationships and the
common activities people participate in with others who share the same interest or
identification. Ex social networking site, message boards
Social publishing: sites which aid in the dissemination of content to an audience.
Ex blogs, news sites
Social entertainment: encompasses channels and vehicles that offer opportunities
for play and enjoyment. Ex Social games, alternate reality games
Social commerce: refers to the use of social media to assist in the online buying and
selling of products and services. Ex review and ratings, social store fronts
Other Notes
Example of use of Medium and vehicle
For instance, within the medium of television, marketers may choose How I Met
Your Mother as one vehicle to broadcast their message. Cosmopolitan and
BusinessWeek are vehicles for the magazine medium.
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