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Lecture 2

MKTG 345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: User-Generated Content, Social Media Marketing, Google Scholar

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MKTG 345

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Social Media Marketing Class notes
What are the characteristics of Social Media
-the web is the platform
-user participation, user generated content, and crowdsourcing
-user-defined content
-network effects
-perpetual Beta
-reputation economy
The Web is a platform
Cloud Computing: The general term for anything that involves delivering hosted
services online ex Google scholar, Google Translate
Crowd Sourcing: collective knowledge of a crowd to solve problems and complete t
People can contribute definitions and content of terms ex wiki
User- Defined Content
Taxonomies: classifications that experts create. Ex Amazon uses.. Books-literature
and fiction-drama
Folksonomies: sets of labels or tags individuals choose in a way that makes sense
to them. Ex amazon books-lovestories
Network effects: the value added for all users by each individual user
Scalability: The ability to grow and expand capacity as needed without negatively
affecting the contribution margin of the business
Ex amazon show products that are frequently bout together and give you a special
price for them
Perpetual Beta: Developers are able to introduce new features in products even if
testing and refinement are not yet complete. It is continual, on-going development.
Ex google lab: google followfinder
Reputation economy: the value that people exchange is measured in esteem as
well as money
Social Software: Computer programs that enable users to interact, create and share
data online Ex, Google Alert
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find more resources at
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