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Lecture 6

MKTG 345 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Social Proof, Social Currency, Active Minds

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MKTG 345

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Social Media Marketing Class Notes sept 13th
Opinion leader: a person who is frequently able to influence others’ attitudes or
Who could be an opinion leader?
-technically competent
-they prescreen, evaluate, and synthesize product info in an unbiased way
socially active and highly interconnected
they are likely to hold positions of leadership
tend to be similar to consumer in terms of their values and beliefs
they tend to be of a higher education status
Impact of opinion leaders
-“ if you need to reach 2 million people then you just need to reach the right 2000 in
the right way and they will help you reach 2 million”
- one influential persons word of mouth tends to affect the buying attitude of two
other people on an average
-incase of online, this figures goes up to 8 people on an average
-in a study of 7000 consumers in 7 EU countries, 60% were influenced to use a new
brand family and friends
What type of products are affected by the Impact of Opinion Leaders?
-expensive, risky and infrequently purchased products
ex laptops, cars, houses, financial investments, health care
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