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Lecture 1

CHEM 11100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Linus Pauling, Hafnium, Elementary ChargePremium

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CHEM 11100
David Mazziotti

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CHEM 11100 Lecture 1
Computer chips
oCurrent transistors
Extremely thin SiO2 insulators
Current leakage
Thickening lowers electron charge
oNew transistors
Hafnium (HfO2) insulators
Metal gate electrode
Hf has stronger electron coupling
Thicker and better current
oMark Bohr: Intel physicist with silicon wafer
Sickle-cell anemia
oRed blood cells change shape in deoxygenation because of hemoglobin
oDiscovered in 1910 by James B. Herrick
oErnest Irons found elongated shapes
oIn 1949 Linus Pauling linked it to hemoglobin
oSingle amino acid change leads to proteins with fibers
oProtection from malaria in Africa
oBar-headed goose: 4000-6000 meters flight
4 mutations in hemoglobin
Eases uptake of O2
oTreatment by hydroxyurea lowers mortality by 40%
Yields NO + CO2 + NH3
Art of cooking
oAnthocyanin in wine and cabbage makes them red; low pH
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