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Lecture 21

ANTH 363 Lecture 21: Arctic corporations

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Chico State University
ANTH 363

Diamond Damage • Mining corporations say they will mitigate the damage done to the regions they mine in o Fix things they damaged by building them elsewhere o Companies claim they will fix things and train those whose land they took but this never really is the case ▪ Often times, no one comes in to train the people ▪ Cant always fix or replace what has been broken and destroyed Resources • Objectification of resources o Land and food is you/who you are ▪ This is a view carried by many people in the Arctic o Auntie and uncle resource o People objectify others as well ▪ Slavery, people treated as tools, just objects to use • Without ice, krill do not reproduce well so other animals that feed on them struggle to survive o China and other places around Greenland harvest krill for human consumption o Hurts the survival of the species and the marine life that feeds on them • Foods and resources are poisoned by chemicals The End is Near • People always complain and say that this is the end o Ethnocide-the extermination of a culture o Teleology-impose a purpose on events • Whites made natives go to boarding schools and not speak their native languages o Now whites say that natives should speak their original languages o Say
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