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Lecture 23

ANTH 363 Lecture 23: People, oil, and diamonds

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Chico State University
ANTH 363

Polar Vortex and Weather • The polar vortex is winding up and down o Lobes of it make severe weather changes such as Alaska being cold and Florida freezing • Arctic-strong warming in summer increasing melting and global sea level rise • Ocean warming is destabilizing glaciers • Degradation of permafrost in Northern hemisphere o Degenerates quickly and takes a very long time to reform • Buildings, houses, and roads are being destroyed by permafrost melting • 10s of trillions of dollars in economic cost due to permafrost loss • Resiliency o Unpredictability=our set of circumstances ▪ Need to make a plan to move on • Upper atmosphere air currents=polar vortex=jet stream • Our actions aren’t just dooming us o We can change them o Planet responds o We can become more resilient ▪ It’s a choice that can be reflected Oil • Exxon Valdez Oil spill o Sink oil out of sight instead of getting rid of it o Clean it off animals and rocks instead of getting rid of the real problem ▪ Dig 10-20 inches down in the sand and find more oil still contaminating
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