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Lecture 2

CMST 472 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Republic (Plato), Himsa, The Talented Tenth

Communication Studies
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CMST 472
Nan Li

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Historical Views of Ldrshp
- The Beginnings
o Leaders as prophets, priests, chiefs, kings
o Odyssey ldrs should maintain social distance
o Myths created to provide explanations for dominance of ldrs/submission of
o Study of history = study of ldrs
o Pharaoh qualities = authoritative, perception, justice
o Confucius set moral ex., manip. rewards/punishments for teaching right/good
o Taoism ldr to work himself out of job by making ppl believe successes were due to
o Iliad (Homer) inspirational ldrshp
o Republic (Plato) ed. to rule w/order & reason
o The Prince (Machiavelli) risks or ldrshp/resistance to it
Steadiness, fairness, concern for maintenance of auth./power/order in gov.
o Philosophy of Mind (Hegel) by serving as follower, ldr can best understand
- The Hero as King
o Leader should…
Furnish w/constant prac. teaching
Tell ppl what to do
- Rulers & Geerals Are History’s “laes
o Ppl w/power should carry out will of weak indiv.
Due to diverse/complex causes
o Higher on social ladder = more ppl connected w/more power over oth.
o In history, great men = labels giving names to events
Small connection w/event itself
Their acts are predetermined by destiny/eternity
- The Republic (Plato)
o Excessive increase of anything causes reaction in opposite direction
Excess lib. = excess slavery
o Ppl always have champion whom they set over them & nurse into greatness
o Tyrant = kind/good
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