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Lecture 3

CMST 472 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Cold Fish, Daniel Goleman, FirmamentPremium

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Communication Studies
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CMST 472
Nan Li

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Additional Reading: What Makes a Leader Daniel Goleman
- Intro
o Diff. sit. call for diff. types of ldrshp
o Most effective ldrs have 1 thing in common emo. intelligence
o threshold apailities
Entry level req. for exec. positons
IQ/tech. skills
- Eval. Emo. Intelligence
o opetey odels
Aid in id, training, promo. likely stars in ldrshp firmament
o 3 categories:
Purely tech. skills
Cog. abilities
Competencies demon. emo. intelligence
2x as imp. as oth. categories
Imp. role @ high levels of company
Linked to strong perf.
Can be devel.
o Nature/nurture
o 5 components of EI:
1. Self-awareness
Self-mgmnt skill
2. Self-regulation
Self-mgmnt skill
3. Motivation
Self-mgmnt skill
4. Empathy
Ability to manage relationships w/oth.
5. Social skill
Ability to manage relationships w/oth.
- 1. Self-Awareness
o 1st component of EI
Ppl w/high self-awareness recog. how their feelings affect them/oth. ppl/their
job perf.
Extends persons understanding of their values/goals
o How to recog. it:
1. Candor/ability to assess oneself realistically
2. In interviews
Self-deprecating sense of humor
3. During perf. reviews
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