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Lecture 4

CMST 472 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Deborah Tannen, Eval

Communication Studies
Course Code
CMST 472
Nan Li

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Additional Rdng: The Power of Talk- Deborah Tannen
- Who Gets Heard & Why
- What is Linguistic Style?
o Linguistic style: persons charac. spkng pattern
Word choice
Use of jokes, figures of speech, stories, ?s, apologies
o Defn Set of cult. learned signals by which we comm. what we mean/interp. oth.
meaning & eval. one anoth. as ppl
o Elements:
Turn taking
o Every utterance functions on 2 levels:
1. Lang. comm. ideas
2. Lang. nego. relationships
We signal/create relative status of spkrs/their level of rapport
o Male vs. female
F = conversational rituals focus on rapport dimension of relationships
M = rituals that focus on status dimension
- One Up, One Down
o Indiv. spkrs vary in how sensitive they are to social dynamics of lang.
M power dynamics
Spkng in ways that position themselves as one up/resisting being put in
one down position by oth.
F rapport dynamics
Spkng in ways that save face for oth./buffering statements that could be
seen as putting oth. in one down position
o Getting Credit
Choice of pronoun can affect who gets credit
I s. e
o Confidence & Boasting
One way to judge confidence is by indiv. verbal behav.
F downplay their certainty
M min. their doubts
o Asking Questions
How/when ?s are asked send unintended signals about competence/power
M resist asking for directions due to fear of neg. opinion of oth.
F looked @ as knowing less for asking ?s
- Conversational Rituals
o We speak in ways our cult. has conventionalized/expect certain types of responses
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