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Lecture 7

CMST 472 Lecture 7: Managing OneselfPremium

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Communication Studies
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CMST 472
Nan Li

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Additional Rdng: Managing Oneself Peter F. Drucker
- What Are My Strengths?
o Ppl know what they are NOT good @ vs. what they ARE good @
o Only way to discover strengths = thru feedback analysis
Whenever you make key decision/take key action, write down what you expect
will happen
Compare actual results 9/12 months later
This will show you where your strengths lie!
o Implications of feedback analysis:
1. Concentrate on strengthsput yourself where your strengths can produce
2. Work on improving strengths
3. Discov. where your intellectual arrogance is causing disabling ignorance &
overcome it—dot take pride i igorae
o Investigate your bad habits that show up in feedback
o Feedback will reveal when prob. = lack of manners
Manners = lubricating oil of org.
o Comparing expectations w/results indicates what not to do
Waste as lil time poss. improving areas of low competence
- How Do I Perform?
o How one performs = matter of personality (unique)
How a person performs is a given
o Common personality traits determ. how a person performs:
Am I a reader/listener?
‘drs/listeers at e ade ito ea. oth.
How do I learn?
Schools assume there is 1 way to learn
Understanding how you learn = easiest to acquire
Atig o ho you lear = key to perforae
Work well w/oth. or by yourself?
Produce results as decision maker or adviser?
Few ppl work well in all kinds of environ.
*dot try to hage yourself; ork hard in how you perform
- What Are My Values?
o Not a question of ethics
o irror test
What kind of person do I want to see in the mirror in the morning?
o Workig i org. hose alue syste = uaeptale/iopatile /oes o
condemns a person to frustration/nonperformance
Coflit etee persos alues/stregths
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