HCSV 579 Lecture 13: Diverse funding plan, donor recruitment campaign, budget and funding

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Health and Community Services
HCSV 579
John D Cannan

HCSV 579-01 April 24, 2017 th Full proposal is due May 10 – must have all improvements Class 12 agenda • Future of funding • More on budgets • May 8 - bring budget future funding sections • Submit PPT to [email protected] • Take home final • Future and other funding- one-page maximum o Future funding- How you will sustain the program after the grant ends o Other funding- How you will meet match (50% or more) o In-kind matches and cash matches count ▪ For in-kind matches: name of expense also name of income o When you write total make sure that “per year” is equal to each other o Page 67, 68,69 in Grant Writers Manual • Diverse funding plan o Multi-channel campaign ▪ Online giving (email) ▪ Direct mail ▪ Crowd sourcing ▪ Corporate fund drive ▪ Donor recruitment campaign ▪ Special events o Klein talks about 3 categories ▪ Impulse donors • Online giving • Direct mail ▪ Habitual donors • Donor recruitment campaign ▪ Major or thoughtful donors • Corporate fund drive Direct Mail Online Giving Not dead! New version of direct mail (no postage costs) US Postal service give NP’s reduced rates “Give now” link on every page Longer letters work best (delayed lead) Longer is NOT better • Personalized first paragraph for both direct mail and online giving- it gets interest • Success rates o Return rate on both is .5%-1% ▪ Example: send 100 letters, get 1 lett
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