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Lecture 17

PSYC 382 Lecture 17: Evolutionary Psychology, Mate Selection, and Competition

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PSYC 382
Dory Schachner

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Friday, October 2, 2015
Evolutionary Psychology, Mate Selection and
Parental Investment Theory by Robert L. Trivers
-The sex that invests more in child rearing is usually the more choosey mate
-Less investment = Less choosey
Sexual Strategies Theory by D.M. Buss
-Males look for an attractive mate who can conceive and bear a healthy child.
-Females look for males with the best resources so they can be taken care of
- Study done by Buss & Angelitner (1989)
-Men emphasized attractiveness in mates
-Women emphasized earning abilities in mates
-This was a common trend among 37 different countries
Attractiveness and Waist-Hip Ratio
-Estrogen inhibits fat in the abdominal region and encourages it on the hips, thighs,
and buttocks
-Androgens concentrate fat in the abdominal area and upper body
-Men usually prefer low wait-hip ratio
Jealousy According to Evolutionary Theory
-Female’s focus is on family support so jealousy is derived from discrepancies in
emotional bond
-Male’s focus is on paternity so jealousy is derived from question of sexual infidelity
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