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Lecture 3

BIOL 102 Lecture 3: gymno-angio sperm

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BIOL - Biology
BIOL 102
David Hibbett

2/10/2017 • Gymnosperms o i.e pines o pollen cones and ovule cones • truly terrestrial; no longer dependent on water for fertilization; has the structural support for life on land • the fertilized ovule develops into a seed o the ovule contains the female gametophyte surrounded by o tip of the ovule is called the micropyle ▪ where the male gametophyte gains access to the female gametophyte • gymnosperms – naked seed o pollen is deliverd directly to the ovule • Major groups of gymnosperms o Cycads ▪ Have swimming sperm ▪ Very tough pith o Ginkgo biloba ▪ Swimming sperm o Conifers ▪ No swimming sperm ▪ Sequioadendron o Gnetophytes ▪ Welwitschia mirabilis • Grow in western/southern Australia; dry harsh places • Only produce two leaves during their life • Woody disk produces the leaves ▪ Ephedra • Grow in arid places • Produce ephedrine  pseudoephedrine ▪ Gnetum • Clade of the gnetophytes • Angiosperms do not have swimming sperms Angiosperms: Flowering plants Readings: Ch.30, 33 • Flowers and fruits • Wildly diverse o Morphological diversification • Flowers o Strobili contain sporophylls o “whorls” ▪ The outer two whorls, petals, and sepals, serve to attract pollinators and to protect the flower ▪ Receptacle  stalk that produces the flower ▪ Sepal  protect the developing flower bud ▪ Petals ▪ Stamens  made up of the anther (microsporangium  site of meiosis  make pollen grains) and filament(stalk) ▪ Carpel (megasporophyll)  made up of ovary (co
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