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Lecture 8

BIOL 102 Lecture 8: Hardy Weinberg

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Clark University
BIOL - Biology
BIOL 102
David Hibbett

Hardy Weinberg • predict how much a population has evolved o relative to phenotype and genotype o between generations Selection equation • amount of change in the phenotype if we know heritability and the strength of selection Example Question: “biologist is tracking a gene and it has 3 alleles in the entire population, how many possible genotypes are there” 2 2 • p + 2pq + q = 1 Discrete vs. Quantitative • Discrete: some agent of selection i.e bee chooses to pollinate flower based on color o Limited phenotype • Quantitative: no distinctive phenotype, there is variation between phenotypes i.e a gradient of flower colors; whole spectrum and they cannot be categorized o Relative phenotypes Alleles makes up the gene Gene is made up of various alleles Polygenic inheritance often creates quantitative variation; occasional discrete Depends on whether or not phe0notype or genotypes are being observed Historical inertia Winged horses done exist because: Biomechanical First animal with limbs evolved  set the body plan for the future  descendents started with four limb “plan” “genetic tool kit”  finely orchestrated, cannot work; developmental process would break down
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