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Lecture 1

FD SC 2140 Lecture 1: Fats and Sweeteners Lecture 1

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Food Science
FD SC 2140
Paul Dawson

FDSC 2140 Pr. Paul Dawson Lecture Notes – Fats and Artificial Sweeteners What is a sweetener? An artificial sweetener is a substance that isn’t sugar, but is traditionally derived from sucrose. Food processors are now able to be created from a variety of sources, but many stick to a sucrose base. They are able to deliver a taste sensation of sweetness, and is usually sold in a form that looks similar to granulated sugar. What makes a compound taste sweet? It must contain a pair of one of three functional groups: OH, NH, or N2 . There is a system used to determine just how sweet a certain sweetener is compared to others, and this is called the relative sweetness scale. It’s based off of sucrose levels, assuming sucrose has a value of 100. Three Categories of Natural Sweeteners:  Sugar Cane and Beet Products: o Liquid Sugar – melted form of granulated sugar o Invert Liquid Sugar – made from splitting sucrose into component parts o Molasses – concentrated juice from sugar-bearing plants o Brown, Yellow, or Golden Sugar – a fine-grain sugar that is composed of cane syrups  Corn Products: o Corn Syrup – produced from the starch of corn using hydrolysis reactions o Glucose – made form complete breakdown of starches and is often also called corn syrup o Corn Syrup Solids – dried versions of corn syrup that can be utilized as glucose solids o High Fructose Corn Syrup – similar to invert sugar without an equal glucose-fructose ratio o Fructose – made from refining starch, and has highest l
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