PO SC 1040 Lecture 13: Understanding Russian Politics

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10 Mar 2017
Understanding Russian Politics (Part 1) POSC 1040
1. Dynastic Succession (1157 1917)
a. Context
i. All European countries were nondemocracies at this point
b. Romanov Dynasty (1613 - 1917)
i. Peter the Great (1721 - 1725)
1. Successfully created the huge land mass that has become
known as Russia
ii. Catherine II the Great (1762 1796)
1. Not at all aware of everyday normal people and their
2. “let them eat cake”
3. tried to increase Russia’s economic well being
iii. Nicholas II (1894 1917)
1. Last person in charge
2. People were tired of Monarchs and want to implement ruling
of the people by the people
3. Killed during the revolution
iv. Ruler during the monarchy was called Tsar Czar
c. Ideology
i. Very little concern of the masses (of the people)
d. Results
i. Not at all economically developed
ii. Most of the population lived and worked on farms, no industrialism
or capitalism
iii. Frustrated people started to rise up
2. The Russian Revolution (1917)
a. February Revolution
i. No one knew who would be in power
b. October Revolution
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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