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Lecture 17

PO SC 1040 Lecture 17: History of South Africa (part 2)

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Political Science
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PO SC 1040

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History of South Africa (Part 2) – POSC 1040 1. End of Apartheid a. Context i. Institutionalized discrimination ii. Cold War – rest of the world wasn’t caring anything about South Africa being Communist iii. People started to acknowledge and speak out against what was happening in South Africa iv. 1986 – repealed past laws because of discrimination v. disbanded it being illegal to be in groups for being black and wanting rights vi. people in control realized that the blacks were about to rise up and take control so whites took violent actions and tried to convince blacks they are in a stalemate (hurt each other so much that they just needed to create a truce) vii. The Soviet Union (1989 – 1990) security council passed laws disabling trade with South Africa b. 1993: FW de Klerk negotiates with Nelson Mandela (successful) i. Nelson Mandela elected as president c. Ideology: Democracy d. Policies: goal = “Rainbow Nation” i. Voices from everyone ii. Springbok (name of team) victory 1. Hosted Rugby world cup 2. Team was composed of both blacks and whites e. 1995: Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act i. Reconcile Historical grievances ii. Unsuccessful f. Truth and Reconciliation Commission (19
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